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John on QVC
I've been watching this again tonight and was wondering if some of you
would be kind enough to tell me what John was saying about Scott
after the line when he said " someone else does it .. his name is Scott"
Jill answered " Scott does the bed"
and I can't catch up exactly what he is saying

it's around 3.OO in this youtube video


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Firstly John talks about how butler and wilson should team up with northern nights to make bedding.
After she says "I'm glad Scott's making your bed and not knocking down anymore walls. Whats he all about?"
John replies "Well we're getting ready to knock down walls in a bit. Listen, give him a hammer and he'll..... i was gunna say he'll bang anything..... but never mind. He'll knock anything down."
Basically John just manages to stop himself as he realises what he was about to say lol
is that the bit you were talking about? :)

exactly thank you so much Beth
now I wonder what Scott is banging with his hammer
if not walls lol

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