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JB/SG fic RPS : Rapture


I don't own anything, or know anyone. This is a work of fiction, nothing in there, at my knowledge, really happened. I don't want to offend anyone. So don't sue me.
it's a very short piece, so I didn't want to bother anyone to beta it. If there's any mistakes there all mine and my bad english. If you want to give some corrections or comments feel free.
This was inspired by two events : the annoucne of the Rapture and JB being in UK for IYTYCD

I added a youtube link at the end of the fic so you can hear the song. I just get the lyrics around a bit to suit my story :)

enjoy.... or not !
Comments are apprciated


John let out a happy sight as he entered his London maisonette. The flight was nice enough, and he even was able to doze off during it so he wouldn’t be too tired for his presentation of the “if you think you can dance” show.

Yes, he was a bit jet lag but so happy to help and to have accepted, at the drop of the hat, to be a judge.

He dropped his suitcase on the floor and wandered around his home. It seems so strange to come here after Los Angeles. Strange, but so comfortable too. This house means so much to him and Scott.

Getting out of his reverie, he spotted the light on the answering machine beeping. He went to it, and scrolled through the different calls. Most of them were non ID, so he deleted them, two were from journalists

“Why don’t they call Gavin?” He wondered

And the last were from his parents in law and from Scott.

“Shit!” he worried already “I hope everything is alright”

He pushed the button and Shelagh’s voice came through

“Hi John. We just heard from Scott you were in London for the week-end to present a show. You’re doing too much son, Scott got worry. Anyway, we thought we could get in touch and have lunch, dinner, whatever suits you. We missed you. Get back to us will you?”

He smiled and thought about his schedule

“Lunch will be great. I’ll rang them right after I’ve heard Scottie’s message”

Once again he pressed the play button feeling a bit stupid to be so excited to hear his partner’s voice

“We got it as bad as teenagers” he chuckled!

Scott’s deep voice rang out

“Hey Love. Hope you got a nice trip. You know what’s all about in there? Rapture”

John frowned “what’s that” he thought

“It seems that today….Tomorrow! Whatever! Saturday is Judgment Day and announces The Rapture and the end of the World for October. So…”

John heard music in the background but couldn’t really decipher what it was. He really wondered what Scott was talking about.

“So…” Scott repeat as the music got louder and Scott’s sung along

“If tomorrow never comes.. huuuuummm How much I love you”

That’s when John understood his partner’s strange message and burst into laughing


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John frowned “what’s that” he thought

LOL This fic is really cute! Funny line, too. Now I am going to watch the vid you linked!

Thank you for the story!


OMG! dieing here!
If tomorrow never comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOu are amazing! this is the best ever! Thanks for keeping our smallish rps fandome alive!

thank you, I'm glad you like it.
if it was just me you'll get a fic every week but "life" keep me for writing as much as I want

thank you. when are you writing again ?

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