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JB tweet alert with goodies 2
there's two video too and you can hear Scott's laughing

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i don't know how to get the link from JB video where you hear Scott laughing but that's quite a nice music to hear

yay for John on twitter!! and added Scott and CJ :)
love the videos and hearing Scott in them.
the number of comments asking whether John was wearing anything in the pool made me laugh :D

yeah :) I would never asked.
Now, i've looked closer on the first one and he might be lol there's a tiny white patch under the water lol

haha neither would I
when i looked back it does look like it, although doesn't the house back on to a public beach :/ so that might be slightly worrying.

no it's in Palm Springs and no beaches

I had no idea that he was back in the US!!!! when did he go back?

he's not,he is in Sully but the videos and photos are from when he was in USA

oh right just read back, he says the vids from Palm springs and the photos of him and Scott are from tonight (apart from the party ones obv) :)

he must be in the UK cos he was watching the SYTUCD final which was broadcast on the BBC tonight. I don't think it would be the type of thing on american tv because its not even really that big over here.

i love scott's face here :) it's like ewww john don't kiss the dog lol

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