JB/SG fic RPS : Rainy night 4


Scott didn’t seem to really react or understand; he’d just leant his head on the hollow of John’s neck and had followed silently, leaving little puddles of water behind them.

“God§ § !! You’re freezing. I swear! You better have a good explanation for this, because this is freaking me out.”

John pushed the door to their bedroom open. Like always, he had left his clothes haphazardly in a pile at the bottom of the bed, so he directed Scott right onto it.

“Stay here. Don’t move.”

In record time, and thanks God for all his West End experience, he ran to the bathroom, got rid of his soaked pajamas, put his robe on, grabbed as many as towels as he could and ran back to his lover’s side.

“We have to warm you up.”

With his index finger he drew a thin line over Scott’s upper lip.

“Your lips are blue.”

He put a towel on the bed, pushed Scott to sit down on it, slid the boxers off his partner’s legs.

“Don’t get any dirty thoughts. I’m so not in the mood. Here…”

John worked efficiently, passing a towel over Scott’s knees, another one on his shoulders and back. He stood up and with the last towel started to dry off Scott’s hair.

“Geez! Didn’t you realize it was raining? I know it’s unusual, this being the desert and all. But Scott!! You should know at your age it’s not something to do.”

“It’s like home.”

Surprised, John stopped his ministration. He looked down, searching his lover’s eyes.

“You’re awake?”

The architect leant his head on John’s stomach, his forehead close to John’s navel, but didn’t offer any answers. John passed his hands through the mass of hair.

“You look like a drown rat.”

“I’m lucky you love animals so much, then.”

Scott didn’t look up, he lay his head on John’s soft stomach.

“Yep! That you are…What were you doing out there? You’re soaked and your skin is like ice. Is there something wrong with you? In case you didn’t notice, it is raining.”


John caressed his lover’s neck for a time.

“Why were you out under the rain? I really don’t understand. ”

“It’s like….”

“Home! Yeah! Y! !ou said that already. What does that mean?”

John slid a finger under Scott’s chin.

“Are you OK? Are you homesick? Do you want to go back to UK? Scott? You’d tell me if…”

The architect held up his head and for the first time in hours looked directly into his partner’s trouble eyes.

“I’m fine. It’s just…”   He shrugged, not knowing how to explain his feelings.

John sat next to him, not breaking eyes contact. He took Scott’s hands in his and rubbed slowly.

“Scott, you were sleeping. Sleepwalking or whatever you call that. You stayed there under the rain for…” “No! No! I wasn’t.”

Scott grabbed John’s shoulder and toppled them together, rolling them both on the bed until he end up, sat on John’s stomach.

“I felt the humidity. It woke me up. I couldn’t get back to sleep and when the dogs became nervous, I decided to lead them out. I watched them for a while and felt the rain on me... It was so warm, it smelled so good. Like Earth. Like home.”

John traced his lover’s jaw with the tip of his index finger.

“You miss London? You want to go home?”

Scott shook his head vigorously.

“No. I just miss the rain. And you have to say, that feeling the rain falling on you in the middle of the desert is beautiful.”

“Yes! It is!” John murmured, remembering how gorgeous Scott had looked outside the patio and then frowned. “You’d tell me if…”

“Yes. John, we talked about my coming with you for weeks. Everything is OK. My firm is doing well, I enjoyed being here. And even if it means to be a bit cheesy... for me home is where you are.”

Somehow relieved that nothing was wrong with his partner, John couldn’t help but let out a big laugh

“You’ve read too many Harlequin books.”

Scott crossed his arms over his chest, trying, without success, to look really pissed off. John was still laughing and in a sing-song voice, made fun of his partner singing:

“Home is where you are, home is where you are”



JB/SG fic RPS : Rainy night 3



The three dogs were playing together, running through Marion’s beautiful flowerbed, splashing water and mud everywhere.

They really were enjoying frolicking under the rain.

“CJ…Charlie. Harris ! Here boys.”

John’s tone of voice didn’t offer any alternative; the three dogs stopped their game at the first warning and came to their big daddy, jumping and obviously with the hope that John would join them in their game.

“Bad boys! What are you doing out at this hour?”

John pointed to the house.

“Go back inside. Look at you! You’re all muddy.”

Reluctantly, the three musketeers obeyed, tails batting in the air, spreading mud all over the patio and back kitchen floor.

“Oh My!! Mum will have a fit tomorrow. The house is…”

He didn’t find the right words. He held his arms up in the air accepting defeat.

“I’ll deal with that tomorrow morning. For now young men. Time to a speed clean up and then.. Hop! Back to bed for you. And for me too.. I hope!”

He took him some minutes to towel off his dogs, clean up briefly, throw the dirty towels in the laundry basket, grabbeda fa a fresh one for Scott’s hair and walked back in the lounge, where he thought his partner was waiting for him.

He let out a long relieving sigh and stretched his arms, high above his head, feeling his joints pop.

“Scottie… ” he called softly.

But once again his eyes only met an empty place. No Scott in the lounge, and the patio window was still wide open.

“Oh no!” he growled.

Scott hadn’t move one millimeter. He was still out, barefooted in the muddy grass, dampened boxer short clinging his sculpted body, still oblivious to the falling rain.

The blanket John had thrown over his partner’s shoulders was abandoned on the ground.

“Ruined! Mum’s gonna kill me, it is her favorite.”

He passed a shaky hand over his eyes, pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to compose himself and find enough strength to not lose his patience.

“This sleepwalking thing is starting to get a bit odd, Scottie. You better not make a habit of that.”

Once again he felt at a loss of what to do with his partner. He walked back at his lover’s side, braving the rain, deciding that letting his instincts act was the better solution for the both of them.

“Scottie, it’s raining hard now. Come back inside.”

He wrapped an arm around Scott’s shoulder and slowly, but firmly, guided him back toward their bedroom.


jb int in Zap2it

declaration made in Zap2it
where were you when you heard about Ben Laden death?

"I was in Palm Springs, in the swimming pool with the dogs, and my mom (inside the house) shouted, 'Bin Laden's dead!' I heard it, but I didn't believe it, because I never believed they'd catch him, as hard as I knew different factions of the military were working on it. So I called Scott (Barrowman's partner), who was in L.A. picking up a friend of ours who was coming in from the U.K. There was almost a sense of calm, because we didn't know whether it was real or not, but as soon as Obama came on and talked about it, it solidified. Thank goodness they got him. That man was the catalyst, the mastermind, behind something that killed, that murdered more than 3,000 people. Maybe I'll upset some people by saying this, but I'm just really glad they got him the way they did. Evil like that we don't need around in our world."

-- John Barrowman, "Torchwood"

JB/SG fic RPS : Rainy night 2


He’d chosen this house because it was as open as possible. Large windows, open areas, everything they loved in a house.

“No walls to knock down, here, Scottie!”

He smiled to himself.

“Well, you did open some spaces here and there… but this time I won the wall war.” the

It was an easy house for his parents too. Everything was handy, no hard moves, no stairs, large corridors. As much as John could be in denial sometimes regarding his parents, Scott was right. Marion and John Senior were older now. They had to think “useful” and “easy”.

Even on shaky legs and with his mind still somewhere in dream world, it didn’t take long for him to get through the long hallway that went straight to the living room.

He glanced left to the kitchen. He squinted a bit, trying to get his eyes adjusted to the dark room.

No Scott.

No lights either. Which mean Scott wasn’t reading, or working on his laptop or whatever he could do at “4 freaking O’clock in the morning”

He shivered, realizing, at least, that the front patio door was wide open. And he stopped dead in his track.

When he thought back to this moment, he remembered that everything in him had stopped. He had stopped thinking, stopped moving, stopped blinking… stopped breathing!

Scott was there, naked… or almost naked, wearing only his boxers shorts, standing outside on t  on the patio, face turned up to the cloudy sky, arms lightly raised, the palms of his hands turned up to receive the warm rain that was falling on Palm Springs this night.

Droplets of rain were running on Scott’s tanned skin, his hairs were already plastered to his forehead. He was as still as a Greek statue, looking more gorgeous than ever, symbol of perfection.

That vision would stay forever printed in John’s mind.

John’s first decision was to yell at his partner to come back, close the door and get back in the dry and warm comfort of their house. But a little voice inside him kept him from calling his lover.

The night was dark and cloudy, the only lights in the garden were coming from the little solar lamps Scott had placed here and there to paved the path to the swimming pool and others parts of the garden. From this distance, and without his glasses on, he couldn’t really decipher Scott’s face.

“Oh shit! What if he is sleepwalking?” he thought.

As far as he knew, this never happened before. Scott could get anxious at times. He could get up at night, and surf the net or work on a project. But John never witnessed him sleepwalking…ever.

“Maybe he does when I’m not around?”

John bit his fingernails.

He searched around him, trying to find a solution somewhere. Maybe he should wake his parents up? They’d know what to do. But he didn’t want to embarrass Scott when he wakes up.

“What do you do when someone is sleepwalking?”

He knew there were some ‘things’ you shouldn’t do, but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember.

“Scott would know!”

Scott knew so much.

John felt so useless right now, so very frustrated. Whatever decision he wanted to take, he had to take it now. He couldn’t let Scott be under this rain forever.

“Should I talk to him? Wake him up? Or just guide him back to bed?”

He spotted two blankets tossed, carelessly, on the back of the couch. He picked them up, draped one over his own shoulders. Even in his pajamas, he was cold, and shivering. That said a lot on how Scott should be feeling.

He walked slowly toward his partner, and let his heart speak for him.

“Hey Hun.” he murmured, his voice so low he couldn’t even hear it himself.  “What are you doing over here?”

He wrapped the second blanket on Scott’s back, but his partner didn’t budge one muscle.

“You shouldn’t stay here.” 

He wanted to grab his partner so much, get him back in the safety and warmth of his arms, but he was afraid to even touch Scott.

He let his hands over Scott’s shoulders, leant as closed as he could, near his partner ears and continued his very quiet monologue.

“It’s late you know? You should go back in our bed now. It’s not safe to stay out by this weather. Why are you even outside by the way? You’ll be so much comfortable under our duvet, warm and dry.”

He knew he was rambling, but he hoped his little chat would help him get back to Scott’s sleeping mind, and most of all, get his partner back where he belonged : their bed.

“It’s raining, Hun. It’s raining and that’s why you shouldn’t be out here. Now! Please Hun! Come back in.” John was losing his patience. “There’s no reason for you to be out under the rain. You need…”

Scott took a long, deep breath and murmured, “It’s like Home”

John’s heart skipped a beat. Had he imagined Scott’s voice? Was it even possible for someone who was sleepwalking to talk and enter a conversation?

“What do you mean? It’s like home?”

At this moment John heard loud noises on his left. Their three dogs were at the end of the garden, playing happily in the mud.

“For God sake…”

He almost yelled at the dogs to calm down and get back but he remembered just in time that yelling so close to Scott’s ears wouldn’t be a good idea, most of all if Scott was still in this strange “sleeping” state.

John looked back and forth between Scott’s neck and the dogs, trying to find what to do first. This was definitively not his night. Getting Scott inside was his priority, but calming the dogs before they woke up the entire neighborhood was also important.

“Oh! What the heck…”

He pushed slowly on Scott’s shoulders, guiding him toward the house’s lounge.

“Go back inside, honey. I’ll be there in a minute”



JB/SG fic RPS : Rainy night 1/?

Rainy night


John stirred slightly, not really awake, part of his mind still in a dream world, his hands automatically searching for the soft sensation that was Scott’s warm skin at his side. But once again his wandering hand only found cold sheets.

He frowned.

The first time he had found the other side of their bed empty, he had thought Scott was in the bathroom.

Only ten per cent of his mind had registered the absence, the other ninety per cent had stayed in dream land and John had gotten back to sleep without a second thought.

The next time, something in his mind told him that an empty side was not common, and not a good sign. Was there something wrong? Was Scott sick? Or maybe one of the dogs? But sleep had called him back again and his eyes had closed on their own.

He knew that he had awakened once again, not long after. A sense of uneasiness had lingered in his sub-conscience, and his sleep hadn’t been that restful. He had stayed under the warmth of his duvet, semi conscious, waiting for Scott’s return… not to avail.

Now, the feeling of very cold sheets, proof that Scott had been out of bed for some time, set all John’s internal alarms off.

He sat on their bed, searching around him.


He listened, waited some minutes. No answer.

“Scott?” he called louder.

No sounds were coming from their en suite bathroom.

No sounds were coming from anywhere from the house, either.

John sighed. This was unusual. Maybe Scott had got an idea, come up with some project and went working on his laptop…Somewhere?

He squinted the alarm o’clock.

“4 AM.. Where are you?” he murmured. “You better not been surfing this damn med site.. Or I swear. Gill! I’ll kill you.”

He resigned himself and slid his long legs off his side of the bed. It was cold and humid in the bedroom. They always slept with the window opened; he could feel that the temperature had gone down a lot since they went to bed.

More awake, he tried to listen some more to the house’s noises.
He was not used to all its little squirm and woush, yet. They didn’t come to Palm Springs that often. Most of this new house’s noises were still unusual to him, and even to his parents, who were living there for around six months now.

But there was no mistake about what was going on outside.

“Great! Now it’s raining! What good is it to come and live in the desert to get rain.” he grumbled standing up and trying to be as quiet as possible. Marion and John senior were sleeping on the bedroom on the other side of the house, but at their ages, sleep was light. No need to wake them up too.

“You better have a good reason to be up at this time, Scottie.”

He padded, barefooted, outside their bedroom, straight to the kitchen area. Maybe Scott had been hungry.

What was bothering him, apart that his partner was nowhere to be seen, was that not one of the dogs was jumping around him. Usually he couldn’t get a foot outside his bed without, at least, one dog rushing straight to his legs.

“One partner missing and three deserting dogs! What a night!”



JB/SG fic RPS : Rainy night 0/?
Disclaimers !
not mine, never will be
don't know them and never will
everything is from my imagination and as far as I know
nothing from this is real or has even happen

many many many many Thanks to Wildeagain for the beta
she did a wonderful job and can't say enough how I appreciate
her patience and her work

I hope you'll like this one, the end is not what I have in mind
I'm just so bad with ending a story

comments are appreciated too !)

JB on french TV
John appeared on our French TV...sort of lol
we got on Direct 8 ( a french TV channel) something we
call "bêtisier" ( bloopers)
they show bit of TV appearances where "people" "singer"
"actor" "journalist" etc.. made fool of themselves, got
big laugh while live, or in this case when they just have
they show John during one of his interview when he sung
"I'll be your hero baby" (don't know the real name of the song)
to the two presenters (a woman and a man)

It's important to notice that it's a first on our TV
John is really starting to get known over here.


JB/SG fic RPS (sort of..) Rumours

this just get in my mind. so I had to write it off. 
it's short, so don't worry, whoever you are and read it, you won't suffer too long :)

but thanks anyway because I do know I'm not good at writing fanfiction

I know my limits.
I just write because those ideas pop up in my head and I have
to write. I don't mind if nobody read, I write for my own pleasure first and I can be
such a romantic gal sometimes :)

it's not beta, I don't think I've make that much mistakes in such a short piece
but if I did... please excuse me, english is not my native language.(correct whatever
you need to correct)
and second... I didn't want to bother anyone for 'this'

of course I don't have any money so dont sue me, don't know John or Scott either
(so wish I do ! most of all Scott lol) everything written there is pure imagination of
my part. and blablabla.. usual disclaimers

oh ! this one is written from one of our guy  POV.. who he is, is up to you.

enjoy.. or not !





So much of them.

Some are true, some are not.

Some are believable

Some are so stupid and improbable..



Some makes me cry

Some makes me laugh

Lot of them makes me shrug



Makes me cringe

Makes me yell

Makes me roll my eyes



Sometimes they make me uncomfortable

Sometimes (most of the time) I ignore them

Sometimes….  They get to me.



Can be truth

Can be lies

Can be someone fantasies or ignorance

Can destroy a man, a woman, a couple



Nobody knows where they’re coming from

Nobody knows who start them

Nobody knows where they go

Nobody knows when they will end



Makes me wondered. Does he believe them when he heard about one?

Makes me stronger. He’s still with me after so long even with them around.

Makes me fragile. What if one day he believes them?

Makes me fall in love all over again when I look in his eyes and saw the trust there.



Are just that! Rumours!

What’s important is what we’re saying to each other for years now, during bad time, good time,

Every morning, every evening..


the end

JB's POV about the "non same sex kissing ban in UK"
Go John !
you should know by now that politics are not to be trust... EVER !


May 1rst

it's Labour day in France and we also offer Lily of the Valley to all the women
we know and love
it's a lucky charm flower, and is offer to bring luck and happyness for the year

so here is it for you my Lj friends
have a nice, lucky, wonderful year


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